Rudolph has a mind of his own! He wears his antlers proudly  and uses his beak like a trumpet. He is quite competitive about who leads the way on Christmas eve.... We'll see :-)


Made from pale purple glass and wire, with a little red glass bead to light the way.


Sits on a desk, shelf, table, window sill, or add a hook and hang from your tree. Makes you smile all day long. 


3 in stock.


NOTE! **Each reindeer is made individually so may vary slightly. The same glass for the body will be used though the beak colours will vary. Glass has natural variations making each one unique.**


Comes in a little cardboard gift box.

Pale Grape Reindeer Bird

SKU: 112424 / 112432 / 112334
  • From top to bottom the suncatcher measures about 9 cms.

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