This is a teal and cream mosaic bird which can be sited indoors or outdoors. It has a lovely streaky lime green stained glass wing and tail with cream iridescent tiles outlining the body, teal vitreous tiles on the body and little copper curls of feathers on the head. Little millefiori are used for the eye and adornments in the tail. The waxed cotton cord is long so you can get the mosaic at just the right height.

Teal and Cream Mosaic Bird

  • About (WxH) 18 cm x 14 cm / 7 1/2 inches x 5 1/2 inches

  • This mosaic has been made on a base that is weatherproof and the tiles are frost resistant. It will survive in mild climates outdoors. Hard frost and freezing weather may take their toll on a mosaic art piece over time. Once the frost starts, I put mine indoors or in the shed. Then in Spring, I celebrate with an 'unveiling' of my work - it's always exciting to get them out again!

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