Mole is a bit fed up with the norm of things. With a beak like that, why just go for worms? What about all that good stuff underground? Like, uh, well... (grass being greener on the under side...)


Made from glass the colour of coffee brown, this bird has a streaky green nose, fancy curl embellishment on the body and sits, enjoying the world. 


Sits on a desk, shelf, table or window sill. Makes you smile all day long. This creature comes in a cardboard box.

Sitting Sun Catcher with Green Beak

SKU: WB190310
  • From top to bottom the sun catcher measures 3 1/8 inches / 8 cms.

  • The copper foil technique has been used to make this bird. Glass is scored and cut by hand, edges ground and then copper foiled. Wire is used to create character and this and the foil are soldered with a mix of lead and tin to make the character strong. The final piece is then polished. 

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