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This mosaic brooch is made from black and white glass with touches of what I believe is Obsidian, Snowflake Jasper and red Jasper.


The brooch fastens with a revolving safety catch on a wooden base.


The glass pebbles give an indication of size. It's 3 cms square.


1 in stock


I don't make this size of brooch anymore and only have a few left so I have reduced them. I have marked it very low to account for the cost of P&P. If you add this item to another purchase - it's a win win!

Black and White Mosaic Brooch

SKU: 0484
£17.00 Regular Price
£5.00Sale Price
  • The mosaic brooch measures 3 cms square and is very lightweight.

  • The brooch is made in the mosaic style where pieces of glass are hand cut and placed on a prepared base, adhered and then grouted and sealed. I will use various types of glass and sometimes beads, Millefiori, stones or other embellishments to create an artistic design.

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