The bearded red nose bird can be found in the eaves of loft spaces and has been known to create quite a row with its loud music and accompaniment.


For this reason it is on sale and also because it is one I made sometime ago and is too big to fit into the cardboard gift box that I use now. It won't come in a gift box and may even come in a recycled box but it will be wrapped well to enjoy the journey.


The glass in the body is textured.


Only 1 (well, there wouldn't be two, would there?)


Sits on a desk, shelf, table or window sill. Makes you smile all day long. 

Bearded Red Nose Bird

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  • The sun catcher doesn't quite fit into my 10 cm gift box. It's still small but too angular!

  • The copper foil technique has been used to make this bird. Glass is scored and cut by hand, edges ground and then copper foiled. Wire is used to create character and this and the foil are soldered with a mix of lead and tin to make the character strong. The final piece is then polished. 

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